Welcome to Hut Hut Triple Riech

The premise of this game is simple. Picture storming the beaches of Normandy, on a secret mission to fight the Waffen SS and their supernatural Battalion? Bassically, the players are called aside from the various intelligence groups and special forces (British SAS, Rangers, Mi6 and Mi5, OSS, SEALS and being placed on an unbelievable mission. You are being sent ahead of the main invasion forces to search for truth in Hitlers search for the spear of destiny and what other supernatural devices the Third Riech and the Waffen SS have concocted. You answer directly to the supernatural division of the OSS and the British Secret Intelligence Services (Mi6 and Mi5) and specifically to Ian Flemming (author of the 007 books and occultist), Aleister Crowley and other occultists and religious historians.

In short, be prepared for Zombies and I don’t mean the SS hopped up on Meth.

I’ll be placing some real basic information on this page as things int the adventure play out. The true reason behind this page will be to show the game as it moves along. As far as the players know they don’t have any supernatural powers or the ability. They’re just special grunts, Military Intelligence officers, or maybe a French of Dutch maid or two from the European resistance movement.

Hut Hut Triple Riech